Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tips for preventing dry skin

Our skin is a protective layer of encapsulation of your body and your health is important, how it looks and feels. Dry complexions usually fragile and need constant care. Exposure to dry winter winds, strong sunlight, pollution and central heating continues to worsen this condition. The prevention of dry skin is one of the best treatments for dry skin.

Here are some tips to prevent dry skin.

You should not take more than one shower or bathe daily. In addition, you should use warm, not hot.

Use a cleanser that contains glycerin or a mild soap unscented moisturizer like a dove.

After the shower apply moisturizer with glycerin or petrolatum, while the skin is still damp because moisturizers work best on wet skin.

Antiperspirants and perfumes can cause dry skin. Then these should be avoided.

In the winter cold and dry, use a humidifier to add moisture to a small amount

In the warmer months, use sunscreen with a moisturizer to prevent dry skin

Make sure you have enough water daily.8 glasses of water a day is usually recommended for good health and prevent dry skin.

In very cold weather, if the skin is not covered by clothing, petroleum jelly should be used for protection.

Calendula or more commonly known as the concern is a versatile plant used for any dry skin problems or swollen.


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