Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tips for choosing the right cosmetics for your skin

As you know there are many manufacturers including the manufacture of various cosmetics for the skin. There are a variety for us, it is difficult for us to choose what kind of cosmetics is good for us. The most important thing when buying a cosmetic product for our skin, we must know is that our skin. There are five basic skin types, normal, combination oily, dry and sensitive skin.

Choose the makeup is not difficult. Just take the time to know your skin type and color. Take a few minutes to check the variety of products available at your local pharmacy and you'll find the perfect makeup for you.

Remember to always wash your face before applying makeup. Also remove all makeup before exercising or going to bed. This will prevent acne pore clogging makeup. The right makeup does not cause acne and splashing. If you notice any problems, stop using and find something else immediately.

An important fact to keep in mind is that sometimes you can develop a reaction to a type of makeup that you have not had a problem with the old. Always on the lookout for any kind of irritation and switch brands if necessary. Choose a brand of makeup and most appropriate voice for her age. Lipstick and gloss are very popular. Be careful when using dark colors.


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