Sunday, November 13, 2011

How hard you exercise?#

 What I need exercise to burn fat?
To answer this question we need to focus on two areas of the principle of FIT (frequency, intensity, and exercise time). These two areas are the intensity and time. These numbers are used for the sole purpose of demonstrating how a cardiovascular workout highest intensity can reach the same number or more calories of fat used as a workout of lower intensity. Numbers of people caloric may vary.

So you can work at a greater intensity and burn even more calories, or amount of fat compared to a lower intensity workout. The following benefits are greater than the intensity of your workout.

Increase the number of total calories used

The metabolism stays elevated for a longer time after training.
You get a higher level of cardiovascular conditioning.

Remember that people who are sick or injured must start with a lower intensity, until they have received health.

To burn fat calories should be my goal?
I do not think so. I think the calorie intake should be our main objective in motion when we are trying to lose weight fat. The reason is that 3500 calories equals one pound of fat. Theoretically, if we ate an extra 3,500 calories a week, we would get a book. The same applies to eating 3500 calories less than your body needs in one week - we would lose a pound. Instead of eating 3500 calories less and deprive our bodies of fiber and nutrients we need, let us eat nutritionally close to the food, make healthy food choices and consume calories through exercise. That the majority of calories used from fat or glycogen, calories calories in the end when it comes to exercise.

Given that you do not want to exercise at a level as high as it can last a few minutes, remember that the more exercise, more calories than you expend, and its intensity, the more calories than you expend.

If you are physically fit and you try to lose weight or maintain, and want to pursue a higher heart rate, go ahead.


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