Friday, November 25, 2011

Lose weight effectively pregnancy

When the baby finally arrives, the activities attached to the new birth are numerous. You should think about the complications of pregnancy, how, when and what to feed your baby. The most important question in the minds of many mothers "is the way to lose weight after pregnancy. Pregnancy involves a long and gradual process of weight gain, so you lose weight regularly. So much patience is required for Planning to lose weight.
The other scenario is that if you already overweight before pregnancy and gained a lot of weight than recommended by your doctor, then you can take almost a year to return to its original target weight.
The baby's weight off permanently could not join for a long time.

If you started with a normal amount of weight and gained 25 to 35 pounds as recommended by the doctor, remember that it will take at least several months to recover your original weight before pregnancy. This can only happen if we do not watch what you eat and your exercise, whose goal is to lose weight.

Eat healthy, eat when hungry, a well balanced diet for weight loss is highly recommended. This should include plenty of quantities of dairy products, water, milk, yogurt or other foods that contain iron, such as the liver or spinach, proteins, all you can get the form of fish, chicken or beef, vegetables (especially green), fruits and other items to reduce fat. This diet can help any parent to lose weight after pregnancy. So if you eat your fill, you can lose weight naturally.

Many celebrities come back as soon as pregnancy, regardless of size zero jeans, but not necessarily have done the right way, how their body is fully ready to accept a change so dramatic. So, I forget the diet immediately. It may seem unfair, but the diet may interfere with the current official objectives of post-pregnancy weight loss. You feel deprived of essential food can make you gain more weight because of stress, and do not have these foods.

You should never go below 1800 calories a day, even if you have a strict diet to lose weight, because this can cause serious complications in the body. This amendment is particularly important when breastfeeding. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is important to rest your body. Also do some hiking during the first week, you can accelerate from a brisk walk, and finally, when you're feeling energetic, go for a heavy workout.


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