Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 tips for rapid weight loss

Losing weight can be challenging, especially if you have several pounds to pay. It can be difficult to sift through all the fad diets and dangerous supplements and pills on the market today. How do you know what works and what does not? Who do you believe?

Here are 10 no-nonsense tips for fast healthy weight loss:

1) Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day - this will help your body flush impurities and fat. You can also replace a couple of glasses of water or herbal green tea.

2) Break the meals into 5 or 6 small - this will help speed up your metabolism and keep you from getting too hungry between meals.

3) Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables - it is packed with vitamins.

4) Lower your fat intake - to treat no more than 20 grams per day.

5) Exercise 30 minutes a day - take a walk, or play with your children. Simply move.

6) Find a hobby - or take up knitting to keep my hands busy.

7) Do not eat that late night snack - Try not to eat at least 2 hours before

going to bed.

8) Listen to your body - your body will tell you when it is full, hungry, stressed, tired. Learn the signs and obey what your body tells you.

9) Increase fiber - choose pasta and whole wheat bread.

10) Clean and detoxify - this may be the most important. Rid your body of harmful toxins and chemicals, so it can function normally.

Cleaning is an important part of successful long-term weight loss. Our bodies are loaded with insecticides, pesticides, lead, and dozens of other harmful substances. These chemicals block our internal organs and our body reacts by coating of these chemicals with layers of fat.

One way to cleanse your body of harmful pollutants is to use the Acai Berry. This fruit is a concentrated nutritional and get your body working normally again, so that you can not fight disease and illness. It also allows the body to burn calories and fat faster and more efficiently. You will see the loss of weight faster, and you can keep out.

Acai Berry has many health benefits as well as increased circulation, increased metabolism, and increased mental clarity and concentration


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