Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stress at work - how to avoid

Stress at work is one of the most common problems that Americans companies. Some estimates say that all expenses incurred by the Americans to medical treatment, 80% are for stress-related issues.

Stress is the main reason behind the rising costs of legal challenges, quality control, the chances of the attitudes of the poor, the poor and training.

There is no way we can control the rising costs of medical care and medications. However, it is certainly possible to take measures to limit the top ten causes of stress.

The main causes of stress in the workplace are:

1. The work was discovered that the stress of employees when they are full of too much work or not has nothing to do. Thus, leaders should move the responsibilities and help employees to rank the importance of the work.

2. random interruptions, pagers, telephones, running demanding counselors are important contributors to the increase in stress. Leaders must delegate responsibility, clarify expectations and teach their employees manage their time effectively. This will help reduce stress.

3. widespread uncertainty Employees experience increased stress if they must constantly make new procedures and requirements. Managers need to know the latest trends and keep staff informed that will reduce stress and increase productivity.

4. The injustice and lack of confidence in those bad feelings are likely to produce a bad attitude and are a major cause of lost productivity. There should be an open communication link with the organization, so that misunderstanding can be avoided and the feedback obtained from the decisions taken. And 'the leader most important obligation of trust by treating everyone equally.

5. No clear policy and the feeling of confusion, lack of solid targets to create the aura of uncertainty and undermines confidence in the management of employees. It would be an appropriate policy manual exists in written form. The implementation of policies should be clarity in communication. You can use several ways to ensure that everyone has understood the message. The policy is also improved through the articles, messages, meetings and memos.

6. Job and career in doubt, people should be clear and confident of their careers and their work. Otherwise, it creates a feeling of helplessness them. The process of change, in addition to their primary job description, people should understand the various issues affecting the company. People should be aware of any plans for mergers, plant closures and consolidations. Management must ensure that people stay well-informed, which will avoid the confusion.

7. The lack of feedback to avoid stress, people must be informed if they are constantly exceed expectations. Leaders must always affirm the efforts of individuals.

8th Lack of appreciation, it is very discouraging to the employee that he / she receives no sympathy, despite making the effort. Companies must make a point to really evaluate the performance of individuals.

9th Communications causes of ineffective communication GAP decreases performance and increased stress levels. Management should ensure two-way communication that reduces stress and complaints.

10th No adequate system of control stress at work increases dramatically when people are not allowed to speak. Leaders must listen to employees on matters that concern them.


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