Friday, November 25, 2011

Blackberry wars, and the result of work of apples less

Although little has been said of an invention cliché that we are more interested in the clash of titans like Blackberry and Apple I-phone battle for the title of superior service provider. While Blackberry has slowly taken the business world and the restoration of more professionals Apple has largely become the lovers of fun with its large collection of fun filled games and applications.

The fact that there are very confused love gadgets in the last days, however, is how the loss of the founder of Apple and the brilliant minds behind the creation of the ring I, Steve Jobs is going to affect the outcome of the latest Apple products. Another controversy that has very sorry for BlackBerry users have been the last Messenger error that caused a service failure for a large global population of Blackberry users. Many of them feel that their life was broken.

While the phone recently ruled with touch screen technology, the Blackberry to walk on the lawn now if the phone comes next with buttons or challenge one of our beliefs and come with assisted movement retina.

Blackberry now offers a wide range of mobile phones that are not just phones, but on the whole great gadgets. The plain and ordinary BlackBerry Pearl, it seems like a normal mobile phone with buttons 4x3. Move the BlackBerry Curve and Blackberry Bold are still similar in many parts of the overall design, but varies vital when it comes to processors, aesthetics and design. Torch and the new BlackBerry Bold added perspective on a touch screen. This has now jumped out of the phone line Apple I was defying all the errors of touch technology.

While relying on gadgets appears to be a frightening thought, we can not deny that each of us can do without them. Recent developments warn us, because we all hope that Apple will blow your mind with the launch of its


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