Sunday, November 13, 2011

Golf Fitness Exercise;

Golf requires practice, skill and patience. Keep some in reserve when you press the golf course golfers must concetrate on the technique to see improvement, but the two important components of air conditioning can improve your golf fitness and reduce your risk of injury. The two areas to focus on core strength and flexibility exercises include. The muscles of the power center of the heart and foundation of your golf swing for proper packaging will really make a big difference in the power you get from your long shots.

Good core strength also allows you to have more resistance than your short game is more accurate, smooth and controlled. The basic exercises work the abdominal muscles, back and hips. Many other muscles attached to this area so that the waist is considered the foundation of all movement.

A good example of a Training Course Golf posture Lateral Raise:

Bend your hips forward into the back of a normal golf posture.

Hold the dumbbells in front of your thighs, palms facing each other.

Slowly lift the dumbbell side and upward.

Slowly bring to the position of pre-stretch.

This will quickly build strength in the back of your shoulders to high and bring down. The only equipment needed is a pair of weights or dumbbells.

Back pain is most common disorder of a golfer. Golf swing can put a lot of pressure in this area, so be sure to stretch those back muscles.


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