Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Daily Easy Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss for some people is not as easy for others. Although dietary pills and diet programs are rampant, still some opt for remedies that are not financially draining and stressful.

Here are some easy weight loss tips that you can do without straining your budget consulting dieticians and stressing yourselves finding the right diet programs that will help you cut down the excess fat.

Easy Tips

Never skip meals. If you think that skipping meals will help lose weight, you’re wrong. Skipping meals will only result to having twice the skipped meal because you’ll be starved and deprived by the time of the next meal.

Eat slowly, chew a lot. The brain tells us if we are full. It usually takes 20 minutes for the brain to signal that we are full. Eating fast will not give the brain enough time to register the ‘full’ feeling, making us stuff ourselves with more food.

Plan the meals. It is safer to plan what you will have for a certain meal to save you a trip to a fast food joint.

Avoid tempting foods. Human as we are, we all have foods that we crave and we can’t resist. Food is our weakness. The best way to get rid of these tempting foods is to not have it around the house. The more you don’t see it around, the more your mind will not think of it.

Watch the portions. The amount of food we eat is highly critical in weight loss. Watch the portions and the kind of food you eat. Unhealthy foods are not good. If you eat at least 10% less of the portion you usually have, then you can lose weight without even changing your diet.

Turn Calories into Time of Exercise. Every intake of food that is high in calories should be converted into time of exercise. Take for example eating a hamburger will cost you 3 hours in the gym just to shed off the calories. It’s up to you to choose which one to give up – eating hamburger or taking 3 hours in the gym.

Taking a Pause. It is helpful to sometimes think before eating something you shouldn’t. Sometimes you’ll end up answering it’s worth eating that food and sometimes not worth eating the food. If it is worth it, then indulge. If not, then step back.

Avoid Soft drinks. A soft drink contains 150 calories. Instead of drinking soft drinks, stick to water. It does not only replenish, it’s good for the body.

Exercise a lot. Exercise helps the mind and the body. Do brisk walking or jogging to lose weight. Choose the stairs instead of the elevator. Exercise helps in more ways than one.
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