Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tips for winter hair :

Winter is just around the corner. Looks like another week or two, as we have our coffee cups and wearing jerseys to keep us warm. In winters just the way we take care of us and keep us from the cold, our hair also needs lots of care. The cold season is a dry season which is why we have lots and lots of moisturizer and body butter on ourselves. Our hair needs the same type of hydration. Winter hair care can be very tricky. Some hair care tips will explain how to do it and get shiny hair all winter.

We recommend that you dry your hair before going out in the cold. Cold wind and encourages a lot of split ends, which is the worst damage of the hair. In winter, hair dryers, hair care products is not recommended for winter goal is to keep your hair as the hair is wet to dry. Even if you use the dryer, then put in a "cool" settings so that the dryer to throw cold air instead of hot air, which can lead to damaged hair.

In winter, be sure to use products that have "reconstituted" written on them because it means for moisture. The best advice Winter hair care is to keep your hair hydrated by a number of ways. Aloe vera juice is very moisturizing and healthy hair in winter. Aloe Vera juice Massage the scalp and this will prevent dry hair and will also provide a burst.

A good conditioner is recommended on a daily basis, like a balm to keep your hair dry hair become dry, leading to damaged hair. In winter we normally use hot water to wash the hair, which can be extremely harmful to our hair. Instead of washing your hair with hot water, wash with warm water or cold. The cold water will also give a shine to your hair.

Follow these tips Winter hair care and have a beautiful, shiny hair all winter. The same is recommended for the skin too. Keep moisture in the winter is the key.


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