Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stress high blood pressure in men :

And 'well known that stress has the ability to increase blood pressure in men. It 'a shame that most men do not care so much the techniques to manage stress or workload. Managing stress effectively is necessary for all men to live a healthy life. Not all men, which heats up, because they are busy at work, is actually many other reasons that are not work-related stress that builds up in men without their knowledge. Whatever the reasons, stress, blood pressure may be due to all those who may become acute if sufficient attention is not given.

With the increased tension in blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and stroke, even could be experienced. Most jobs today, place a great demand in the brain, which leads to mental stress. There is a continuous increase in blood pressure of most men in this situation.

The pressure of high blood pressure for men was said can occur at any time. If a person has problems with high blood pressure, high blood pressure can increase stress and worsen the case without notice. In general, stress increases blood pressure without causing a worsening of the situation, but when you have high blood pressure, can be a dangerous turn in history.


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