Sunday, November 27, 2011

Protein supplements, what and when?

We all know that when you lift weights, it is good to consume a protein supplement after training. But do you really know what type of protein you should eat, and you know when to eat? Whey protein is used after a workout, as it enters the bloodstream quickly. Casein is used before bedtime, because it takes a long time to get absorbed into the body. Soy and egg
proteins should be used during the day as part of a meal.


Whey protein is an important source of protein for athletes and bodybuilders. Whey protein is one of the best source of amino acids in supplement form. Amino acids are not only important for many body functions, are the building blocks of proteins and are essential for muscle growth and recovery. Without adequate amino acids in the diet, performance and muscle growth more difficult. Whey protein is absorbed more rapidly than any other protein source. This makes it ideal to drink after a workout and first thing in the morning, when the body needs nutrients and amino acids as quickly as possible. Whey protein isolate (the purest form of protein) contains a high biological value of a protein source. The biological value (BV) is a measure of how quickly and efficiently the body can use protein source. The bigger the better. A good protein supplements of whey are also rich in glutamine.


Soy protein is a complete protein that ranks up with the best. It is a quick source of protein to digest, but has an amino acid profile on average, so not the best post-workout. I never drink pure powdered soy protein, but what I have to do to get the benefits of soy protein is that whey protein mix my soy milk. There is something called protein isolate and soy protein has a high consumption of soy and regular BV, which means most often used by the body. But the isolated soy protein is inferior, and soy protein.


Casein plays an important role in building muscle and usually contains 92% protein. Whey protein is quick to digest, but can also be its downfall. There are two times a day, no doubt choose the casein and whey more before bedtime and during the day (not after a good workout). Casein is a slower release in the body. Casein can take up to 7 hours to be completely absorbed by the body is 7 hours after being delivered vital protein to repair the muscles after intense workouts. Casein is often referred to as protein in the night, and casein supplements actually encourages the body to use carbohydrates and stored fat into energy. Casein is also very high in glutamine, essential for increasing muscle mass.


Egg protein is absorbed by the body with a speed between whey protein absorption fast and slow absorption of the protein casein. It is a protein that can be consumed at almost every meal.

Protein helps repair muscle tissue to build more muscle mass, but I remember that in reality is a carbohydrate, no protein, consume within one hour of weightlifting, which prevents muscle breakdown. Never leave the carbohydrates after your workout! Remember that even if the protein and calories, if you consume too many calories a day, no matter macronutrients are, will change the extra calories stored as fat. Whey protein is now the most common ingredient in weight loss drinks, meal replacements and products. But take a protein supplement when working out is not recommended. Too much protein, which is not used in the repair of muscle mass is very dangerous for you, with consequences such as kidney disease, heart problems and loss of calcium from the bones. Protein is not a miracle, a powder that makes you lose weight or gain muscle mass, because it consumes.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, and is responsible for muscle repair and regrowth, as well as the main fuel for the immune system. When it comes to whey protein, there are three to choose from, isolate, protein concentrate and mixtures. Whey is the most expensive version of the whey protein. It is a source of high quality protein with higher biological value (BV), and contains less fat and lactose per serving, and whey concentrate. Isolated from serum usually contains 90-98% protein while whey concentrate contains proteins from 70 to 85%. Mixtures of whey protein isolates contain whey and whey concentrates times.

A person who does not train hard lift weights, do not require large amounts of protein and protein you get from your food is sufficient.


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