Sunday, November 27, 2011

3 Six Pack Ab Myths Perhaps you take Fat (and how to fix!)

How many times you've spent the last half of the AB training in special machine for the gym or doing countless abdominal exercises to see results? You've done all abdominal exercises you've heard all this in vain, to get that elusive six pack I wanted to show in her new bathing suit? Here are three "six pack" myths may be holding back.

Myth 1.You need to do a lot of ab exercises. The reason for this is a myth, because you can get away with doing ab exercises, and relatively few have yet to see quick results. My stomach exercises until the last 25 minutes (but most last about 15 minutes) and I see tremendous results.

Myth 2 Ab crunch is still the best ab workouts. The reason for this is wrong is because there are many other exercises out there that can do the job! I did a full year ab that do not contain the crisis itself is now --- or standing or sitting on a mat --- and it works your abs like crazy.

Myth # 3 You need to do ab exercises every day. False. Abs do not need to be worked more than any other body part. All you do chest and back exercises every day, you? You do not do quad and hamstring exercises every day, you? Then you should not do ab exercises every day, either --- leads to over training. The muscles (including your abs) will need time to recover and grow. Most ABS teach three days a week after my strength training workouts.

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Bryan Akers is a Beach Body Coach and has enjoyed working part time with people at all levels achieve their fitness goals through a series of home workout routines and programs. For more information be sure to check the site and keep you updated on his latest projects.ID ca-pub-9165378319595759.


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