Saturday, November 19, 2011

Get ready the bath Perfect Summer Beauty :

Swimming is one of the healthiest and hygienic operation. Not only cleans and refreshes, but it will also keep in mind in peace. Baths, and beauty are important to each other. Here you will find that as you can take a bath ideal for the summer to add to your beauty. So here we go!

Swimming is good for health and beauty. Say hello to the skin, body and soul, especially in the summers, when the sweating, itching and body hair becomes unbearable and boring a dour the murderers of beauty. Follow the steps and enjoy the ideal bathroom for the summer.

Comb your hair washed Real Belle.

Before starting this summer beauty bath, comb your hair and then cut ends. Remember that a little 'trimming of the ends of the hair and the hair properly before the bath to avoid unnecessary loss of hair and hair ends up dead. You can do as a per-condition for the bath of ideal beauty.

The water and its temperature.

Put the water and see if its temperature is in accordance with your requirements. Most people prefer taking bath with hot water medium, even in summer, some with normal temperature of cold water. It is almost rare that someone takes a bath of cold water, which is almost impossible and dangerous too. We recommend that you take a normal cold water bath. The fresh water maintains the normal expansion of the pores in the middle and then you will feel relaxed and calm, where contracts of chilled water in the pores and prevents the negative mind.

Wet your hair and body.

Body hair wet and very well because the semi-wet hair can not produce a good skin when applying the shampoo. Wet means that your body is adjusting body temperature and eliminate the initial effects of sweating.

The shampoo session.

Once your hair is wet and you can apply the shampoo. Apply shampoo on the scalp and strands at a time. Produce leather and wash your hair by rubbing the scalp and a little in the circular direction. Similarly rub the hair strands. Continue this process for at least 4 minutes, then rinse. Here the need to care for your hair nutrition which involves conditioning. Apply conditioner to the hair strands on the scalp and not because it is not recommended. Keep one or two minutes and then rinse well and watch your hair a new life after.

Skin Care.

Here's the important part. It is pampering your body. When you do not wet now use liquid soap or body wash on your washcloth and rub your body easily. Take your loofah and rub your feet and ankles with her. Use clear water to rinse the leather. When the leather is washed, you have almost taken a shower of summer. Give it a nice touch by having a bath by adding a health tonic just what happens in the next step.

Healthy Finish.

Turn petals on the water in the tub, add rose water, a few drops of lemon, a little antibacterial tonic, pink is optional, you can add some mint leaves too. Relax, breathe and enjoy the cooling effect of mint and lemon juice in your bath. Mint and lemon not only to provide soothing cooling effect, but they will also avoid sweating for a long time. The antibacterial tonic is good for the eruption, as it eliminates all bacteria.

The water rose petals and aroma to give than to be with you until the end of the day and can go. You are ready to be dried with a soft towel. Apply deodorant and body spray. These layers of flavors and aromas will keep fresh for a long time.

Do not try this bathroom was nice and hot, and we are sure you will find the best.


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