Saturday, November 19, 2011

The disease does not mean ignoring your daily beauty routine :

Being sick and well are two different things. Our daily routine, routine training, especially not allow us to take off when we are sick. Even in sickness, we must perform our duties and to be beautiful too. Many of us feel bad to be beautiful and alive when we are sick, but now is not much. There are hundreds of beauty tips that you can do to feel beautiful and safe even in the disease. All you need is read to find incredible beauty tips to follow in case of illness.

Beauty tips to make you beautiful when you are sick:

In addition to taking the pills and medications, cover your eyes swollen with ice cubes. Put them in a soft, put them in the eyes for 10 minutes. This will create blood vessels and makes your eyes shine, even when you are sick.
Apply a rose pink or peach-colored makeup. These colors bring vitality and brightness of your wrinkles and pale nude photos. Apply thick layer of pink lip gloss when it dries out quickly if you are sick.

Use a cream bronze. You can see people who look pretty and pink, even in illness, they use the cream of bronze. This cream will help you conceal pinkness.

Put some perfume smell perfume or floral fresh, because it will lower the smell of your illness and make you smell fresh and energetic.

Take a healthy and full of nutritional regimen before going in the disease. Healthy eating and good appear small, but believe me, he will go longer.

Make your hair neat, clean and tidy, even in case of illness. Many people are unaware of their hair style to the disease and give the wrong impression. Your hair has a huge impact when it comes to make an impression, so be careful to cup or stray hair and help with some of your favorite songs and simple.

Along with these beauty tips, just take a look at some helpful tips are:

Brush your teeth and smile a lot!

Eat a good break fast and strong

Make a tea and bring a healthy lunch.

Stay in touch with the spiritual exercises

Be calm and satisfied with your interior.

Finally, I must say that the best way to look good and beautiful when you are sick is rest and medication. Follow your doctor's instructions. Use plenty of fresh water and fluids to replace your pale face of a fresh and luminous.


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