Thursday, November 10, 2011

Forms and how to improve eye makeup

There is great potential to improve what is unique about you. Helps identify the specific and the application of the eyes and the eyes are used special techniques to carry out its beauty. The skillful application of eye makeup is an art. It's a way to express your feelings, your mood and sense of style.

1: Grand-in the eyes:
It tends to give a young face seemingly open. This aspect can be improved by applying the strongest effects of eye makeup near the corner of the eye. Keep shadow uniform and outside corners. Brush lashes upwards.

Eye Make Up:

To show the close-set eyes,

Use the stronger the color of eye shadow near the inner corner of eyes.

Line eyes completely - top and bottom - inside and outside package.

Use a medium shade and color tones covers fold, focusing on interior angles.

Use mascara generously, on both upper and lower lashes.

2: close-set eyes:

This eye has a dramatic look and sensual. You can improve the color concentration near the inner corner of eye. They extend beyond the outer corners of smoke shade of exaggeration. Brush lashes.

Eye Makeup Remover:

To make eyes appear more distant

Apply the color most intense near the outer corner of eyes.

The top line and bottom of the eyes of any color, but will begin to draw out a quarter of the inner eye.

Smudge lines.

Dust a highlighter (or light eye shadow) just below the outer corners of lower lashes to call attention to the outside eye.

Brush the top and bottom lashes mascara.

3: eyes equidistant:

This is the distance in one eye each other. They can get to see the many eye makeup looks.

4: almond eyes:

These are the most common eye shape with upswept lift the outer corner. These eyes calls for creativity. These eyes can look deeper and more intense.

5: eyes small:

They are relatively small compared to other facial features. Improving the line of small holes top and bottom (not included). Use a pale, light, shadow. Curl eyelashes.

Eye Make Up:

You can enlarge small eyes

Use half of the shadow tones (like a soft gray or blue) folds.

Use a soft-colored liner (try taupe) on the upper and lower rows of cilia that cover the top line across the lash line and the bottom line just under the iris to outer corner.

Sweep black mascara on upper lashes.

Apply eye shadow to light.

Apply more intense shades in the creases.

Add lift to the outer corners.

6: Prominent eyes:

These eyes which set far in the face tend to dominate the facial features. The eyelids are very pronounced. In the medium and deep shades of shadow on the lids help to minimize their appearance. Coatings applied to the base of the lashes from corner to corner gives prominent eyes looked fiery and mysterious.

7: hooded eyes:

Those eyes are so natural fold of the eyelid is not clearly visible. Highlighting the brow bone and lining the bottom lash heavy eyelids to give an attractive shape.

Eye Make Up:

To increase the hooded eyes

Apply a dark shadow through the crease and hooded area.

Sweep the lighter shadow on the inner corner of eye and face bones.

Draw a very thin line along the upper lash line (to keep an eye looking open) and smudge

with a cotton swab.

Apply black mascara to upper lashes.

Line the upper lash line. Gradually soften shadow as we approach the front.

8: sunken eyes:

This seems to fade, it is remarkable. The crease is set back to the area of
​​the lash line to brow bone seems hidden. In order to strengthen the line of the eyes sunken upper and lower eyelids (not just superior). Choose pale light-shade eye shadow pink, peach or beige. More intense in the shadow of the brow bone also gives great importance to the eyes.

Asian eyes:

These eyes have a distinctive lift a corner and there is very little coverage. The depth of the eyes can grow intense eye shadow, and size can be increased by applying eyeliner to the lash as close to the bottom.

To improve the protrusion of the eyes:

Draw a line thick enough over the entire width of the upper lash line with a pencil brown or black.

Apply half of a dark shadow on the lid and crease. (As indicated in the body, dark color will do to sell the property.)


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