Thursday, November 10, 2011

Egg white and lemon as a remedy buttons

You all know that acne can also be prevented and treated. Nature offers various benefits of vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables and many other things. But it's really good to know that the effectiveness of egg whites and lemon juice for the buttons are large and significant. There are several home remedies, which include egg whites and lemon juice for the treatment of acne. The egg white is useful in the treatment of acne, because it minimizes pores and lemon juice is known to be rich in citric acid which in turn exfoliate the skin, making acne free.

Whites tend to be rich in protein and can be used as a mask to improve, enhance and rebuild the skin. They are also useful to absorb excess oil from the skin. It can also be used for a mild astringent.

Crack an egg into a bowl and remove the yolk. Apply egg whites to the face after cleansing, for 15-20 minutes, then rinse for acne free skin that has no black and white dots.

You can also enjoy the lemon juice for acne treatment or acne by applying fresh lemon juice, a little 'mint on your face to get rid of your pimples. These two components are the natural treatment of your ugly pimples. So many people are looking for egg whites and lemon juice for the eradication of pimples, and they work.


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