Friday, February 10, 2012

The Three Steps To Achieving Your Best Body

Do you think you're in shape? What you don't know about your body may be hurting you and it's about time you find out now.

There's more to our body's well-being than just looking good. With staying fit come proper eating habits, lots of hydration and a generous helping of exercise. We deprived ourselves with real food thinking we are better off that way but, little do we know we are not doing ourselves a favor.

Basically, there are three things you need to figure out to ensure your optimum weight management. Whether this is an urgent effort to lose those extra pounds or jump-starting a long-term weight management plan, this will certainly a big help.

First and foremost, you have to know what type of metabolism you have. There are three kinds: Carb Type, Protein Type and Mixed. The Carb type metabolism are those people who have an inclination for food composing of refined sugar, simple carbohydrates and all its' other forms. Foods such as baked goods, white bread, sugary treats are some examples of this. The Protein type, on the other hand, tends to go more for rich and greasy food such as hamburgers, steaks and pizzas. They are the "meat eaters". The Mixed type is a combination of both metabolism kinds. Their diet comprise of an equal portion of what the Carb and Protein type binge on.

When you identify what type of metabolism you belong to, the next step is creating your meal plan. For Carb type people, it is best advised that they do not eradicate carbohydrates in their diet. It sets their metabolism off and will make it difficult for them to adhere to the new rules. The Protein type also entails a diet consisting of protein rich food, not to be done in extreme amounts; they must still remember that moderation is crucial. The Mixed type is the more complex of the three to manage. Since they can be able to eat both types of food, they must monitor their response to the type of food they take and what works and what doesn't.

Upon improvising the second step, the third step and most important one is choosing the best food. When a Carb type person is told to continue eating carbohydrates, certain considerations must be made. Low-fat proteins such as white meat poultry and fish should be eaten. A Carb type metabolism must also keep low on the dairy to avoid intolerance. The Protein type must avoid refined carbohydrates, fruits and fruit juices so as to avoid blood sugar fluctuations. The Mixed type metabolism must utilize a trial and error type of judgment in choosing the right food. They must identify which food give them long lasting energy compared to some food that will give a quick boost and will leave you hungry and asking for more.

Once you have mastered these three steps, you can identify, plan and implement these steps to your convenience. There's no use for crash diets and paying for food that claim to help you lose weight. The best way to lose weight is by simply being informed and having the discipline and patience. Follow these three basic steps and definitely, a great change will be unveiled.

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