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What Causes Acne In Teenagers?

Teenagers always feel like they are not understood for a number of reasons; during this time teenagers are just begging to discover the world around them and this is when puberty kicks in. With puberty, comes a lot of emotional problems, amongst them is the development of acne which can lead to depression when the condition worsens. It may sound extreme, but while to some people there are much weightier problems in the world than acne
outbreaks; to a teenager who is going through puberty, acne problems may be a gateway to social withdrawal and isolation. As a parent who has children about to go into puberty, you should understand what causes acne in teenager so that you can help your child recover from the outbreak.

The development of acne during teenage years

Puberty marks the phase when the bodies of teenagers are developing physically and sexually. This period is marked by the production of sex hormones, which aid in the growth and development process. However, the production of these hormones leads to the development of acne outbreaks in most teenagers. During this time, excessive oil is secreted which leads to the development of black heads, rashes or white heads. The condition clear out with time, but the outbreaks form unsightly protrusions on the affected region; which is the reason why most teenagers who suffer from this condition become withdrawn.

The emotional side of acne outbreaks

Once you understand what causes acne in teenagers, it is important to also understand the emotional problems that arise due to your child suffering from the outbreak. Teenagers usually attach a lot of focus on their image and any blemishes which reduce their image outlook can lead to the development of low self-esteem. As the parent of a teenager who is going through this emotional problem, it is a frustrating experience to have to watch your child go into withdrawal; especially if you cannot connect the problem to the acne outbreak. It is wise to start opening up the communication channels with your child early enough, so that your teenager can open-up and talk about how the condition is affecting them emotionally.

Getting acne treatment for your teenager

One of the popular statements which doctors tell their patients is that "you should control acne, rather than letting your acne control your life." This is often easier said than done, especially in the instance of teenage acne which is beyond your control as a parent. It is wise to seek as much information as you can about acne and its causes, in order to get your teenager on the right course of treatment. There are several online sites which are dedicated towards providing acne information, and you can also buy medicated creams to treat the condition from some of these sites. The best way to determine the right treatment regime for your teenager is by consulting with an epidemiologist. A consultation with an epidemiologist provides the opportunity to find out more about what causes acne in teenagers, and how to treat the condition.

As the parent of a teenager it is difficult to cope with their emotional outburst, more so if the out bursts are attached to acne outbreaks. You can help your child get through puberty, by understanding what causes acne in teenagers. Find out more about the treatment options available to cure severe acne outbreaks from

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