Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Six Pack Abs - Getting the Amazing Six Pack You've Always Wanted, the Easy Way

Six pack abs is one of the most important & best aspects to any great body. When you're at the beach & you take off your shirt, one of the first things that the girls are looking for is an amazing, ripped set of six pack or even eight pack abs. It's also one of the first thing that judges look at when you're being evaluated for modeling or for an acting position, even for many competitive sports positions such as in football, soccer, basketball or even wrestling.

A six pack shows that you're in awesome shape, and that your body is really ready for anything. A six pack also makes
you look much more built, by giving you a nice v shape and of course complimenting your other muscles, giving an overall more ripped & defined look.

Everyone thinks getting a great six pack takes forever & that there's a lot of hard work involved. While it's true that it may take a lot of hard work, the time factor can be cut significantly.

Getting A Six Pack Fast

Six pack abs can be tough to come by, but by following these 10 very simple, yet key steps, you will increase your chances of getting an amazing six pack tenfold.


1.) Eat a diet high in lean protein, vitamins & minerals, fruits & vegetables & potassium

2.) Steer clear of fats & some types of carbs

Supplements & Meds

3.) Certain medications will slow your metabolism or increase fat absorption, not conducive to getting a six pack

4.) Certain medications will jump start your metabolism and make it much easier to get ripped, look into this

5.) Ensure that you're getting the right supplements. Protein shakes, Glutamine & anything with Chromium in it can really make a difference for your midsection

6.) Ephedra & most "diet pills" are things you should steer clear of completely, they are temporary fixes

7.) Omega 3 Fatty Acids may play a key role in six pack development

8.) The best vitamins & supplements are the most natural ones

Working Out

9.) Of course, focus on ab exercises such as sit ups, leg raises, crunches & others during every workout

10.) Sprinting is an excellent workout for your abs


One of the "hidden secrets", of actors, pro sports athletes, bodybuilders & many others is flexing. Flexing allows you to build your six pack & make it more ripped & defined almost anywhere. And, as long as you're wearing a shirt, you can flex almost anywhere without looking silly.

Listen carefully my friend, if you're truly ready to get built, if you're ready for the lean hard body of solid muscle you've always wanted, then it's time you got what you've been working hard for. Today, our bodybuilding experts are going to get you on track to Building True Muscle, to achieving a truly built new you.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daniel_Saeper


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