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Massage Tips and Tricks for Pregnant Women

Learning how to massage your wife can truly be one of the best things you can do for your marriage, especially if you learn what she likes before she becomes pregnant with your children. A smart and caring husband will use it not only as a romantic gesture, but also as an action to just show his wife how much he pays attention to her and truly cares about her. If you happen to look at her, and she has her hand on her back and she looks tired or stressed, walk over to her and ask her if she would like to sit down for a bit, put her feet up, and let your magic hands take her worries away until she feels better. She may not show it immediately, but she will be immensely grateful to you for doing this.

How to Massage - Appropriate Positioning
Learning how to massage a lady when she is not pregnant is a lot simpler than learning the same skill when she is pregnant for one very obvious reason: She cannot lie down on her stomach without fear of hurting the baby. Because of this, the two of you will be forced to get a little creative and pick different positions for her to assume. One of the first positions I've seen husbands try is to have their wives kneel down by the bed, leaning forward into the mattress, and just allowing the bed to support her. As long as she is able to allow her full weight to rest in her legs and against the bed, this position will allow the muscles in her shoulders and back to relax. It will also make it much easier to get to all of her back, shoulders, and even sides (if she's not too ticklish!) and do a really good job of it. Make sure you put a couple of really soft towels or even a pillow under her knees and ankles or she will not be able to maintain this position for very long.

When you're trying to figure out how to massage your wife, another position she can take would be to lie on her side with her shoulders leaning down, but her stomach should be perpendicular (that is, at a right angle to) the floor. I've talked to a few women who said this isn't as comfortable as the first position described, but it will get a lot of weight off of her spine and help her muscles to relax as well. As with the previous position, make sure and put a pillow or at least a couple of towels under key parts of her body, like her head and maybe even her hips if she's not naturally padded there. Don't neglect her knees and ankles either as lying on her side can create pressure points there.

A final position that you can have her take is the easiest of all: Have her sit in the most comfortable chair in the house or maybe lie down beside you on the couch and let her put her legs/feet over your legs and just massage her lower body that way.

How to Massage - Where to Massage Her
Just as learning how to massage your wife is important, learning where to massage her is equally important. It probably goes without saying that you are not going to be working on her elbows or fingertips for the most part, but you may not know where to focus your efforts at relaxing her.

When I was reading up on how to massage a pregnant woman, I learned that they really enjoy it when you focus your efforts on their feet, legs, and back. If you think about it for a moment, it makes perfect sense as well. During the course of her pregnancy, your wife is going to put on 30-50 pounds of weight she is not accustomed to carrying, and that's going to put a lot of stress on her body. Gravity doesn't have pity on pregnant women, and it's going to pull just as hard on every one of those extra pounds just as hard as it can, causing her a lot more pain.

Take the time to really get to know your wife's body while you give this massage if you haven't done so already. This is not something you want to do in five minutes or you're going to make her feel worse than she did when you started. Start off gently but firmly, using enough pressure so that you are not going to tickle her, but not so much that you are going to hurt her either. If she's able, ask her to give little affirmations or suggestions so that you know what feels good to her and what doesn't, and use this to guide your motions and pressure.

How to Massage - The Little Things
One of the key things I tell people when they ask me how to massage their wives is to make sure and show her love and kindness while you're doing this. You need to forget you even exist and just focus on her while you're giving the massage. Pace yourself so your hands don't get tired. Maybe you can have a few candles lit and waiting on when she gets home. Try a little aromatherapy as well. Remember, this woman, your partner in life, is carrying your child. Devoting an entire evening to making her feel better and showing her that you learned how to massage her is the least you could do for her.

For the nine months that your wife is pregnant, she'll be experiencing the swiftest weight gain of her life, hormones will be racing through her even worse than they did during puberty. Her confidence, her self-image, everything that makes her who she is will be suffering through this as her body prepares to deliver a new life into this world. My parents and my best teachers always told me that it was the little things that make the world go around, and learning how to massage your wife while she is pregnant will do wonders for both your life and the life of your family.

Want to keep your partner happy? I know how hard it can be to try and make your partner happy and show them just how special your love is, but if you want to really make them happy you should learn these massage techniques that work amazingly well.

These methods are simple to pick up and don't take much practice, you can read how to do them and more in my free report here: Pregnancy Massage

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