Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How To Give Your Mate a Massage

Doesn't it seem like each of us could use a twenty-four hour massage? With all that goes on in our lives our muscles carry a lot of the stress. It is the same with our lovers. They carry so much tension in their back and shoulders. It would be nice to give them a massage. But finding the time is one thing and feeling comfortable with it is another. So let's walk through some basic steps on how to give a massage and get you off and running.

Get it on the calendar:

The first thing we need to is set some time aside for the massage. It may sound like an easy idea but the pressures of life drive us to the couch and remote. So setting aside time is important. If you set a date you are less likely to put it off. Besides, if your mate needs a massage, they will certainly remind you of the date you set. And keeping that date will help build trust and intimacy.

Getting the scene just right:

Next we will need to set the mood for the massage. Part of a massage is being able to unwind and let all distractions disappear. Cell phones have a way of jolting us back to reality, so turn them off. The TV can tend to be a distraction because it invites us to look and pay attention to a plot line. What is good for the mood is candles. The glow of the flame is entrancing. Also find music that will be soothing for both of you. I say both because the more you like the experience the more you will likely do it again. So pay attention to the likes and dislikes of both of you.

Gathering your tool box:

Now that we have the room just right, it is time to get our tools for the massage. They are simple tools but if you get them right it can make all the difference. The first thing we will need is massage oil. Find one that is lightly scented with a scent you both will like. Next find a washcloth to place the massage oil on; it helps with little spills. Also, find a large towel to have your mate lay on and a large towel to dry their body of the oil once you are done. Feel free to experiment with massaging on the ground or on the bed.

Send out the invitation:

Once we have all our tools gathered, it is time to invite our lover to the massage. Go ahead and have fun with this. Make an actual invitation if you have the time. Find some love quotes for him or her and include them in the invitation. Have fun with it and you can even put the love quotes for him or her in your own words. Then jump in and enjoy giving the massage.

Keep in mind that everyone's tastes are different, so we must listen as we conduct the massage. Use a variety of strokes and ask them how they like each. If they say they don't like a particular stroke, do not take it as a personal jab. You are learning so let this be an experiment for you. Use you fingers, knuckles, forearms, and even elbows. Some people like a deep tissue massage while others prefer just a gentle one. There is no wrong or right, just preferences. Make sure that you are communicating and listen. Once they say they like something, continue with that while adding variations. Pretty soon you will have a large repertoire to choose from.

Get out there and have some fun.

Keith is passionate about marriage and making a love that will last a lifetime. Love quotes can inspire to love more deeply, to forgive more readily, and speak the words that our in our hearts. Click here for a love quote, or click here for love quotes for him or her.

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