Sunday, December 25, 2011

4 Simple and Easy Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Level

Your blood cholesterol level has a lot to do with your chances of getting a heart disease. You must try as much as possible to reduce your cholesterol level. To achieve this, you must control your weight, eat healthy diets, reduce your fat intake, and exercise regularly. Below are the simple and easy ways to help you achieve that.

(1) Lose Weight - You can achieve this by reducing your caloric intake combined with a regular physical exercise. Avoid crash diets and try to lose 1-2 pounds per week until you accomplish your desired weight loss goal. To maintain your ideal weight, develop a healthy eating habit and regular exercises.

(2) Eat Plenty Dietary Fibers - Soluble fibers help decrease blood cholesterol. These fibers include pectin which is found in apples and other fruits, guar that is found in gum, and the fiber that's found in oat, corn, rice, dried beans and other legumes. All kinds of dietary fiber have the added advantage of producing a feeling of fullness, consequently reducing your total food consumption.

(3) Reduce Your Fat and Cholesterol Consumption - When cooking, use a cookbook that includes low-fat and low-cholesterol recipes. There are numerous good cookbooks out there that are designed entirely for lowering cholesterol purposes and at the same time offer delicious healthy meals. Some of them also suggest that you continue with your traditional meals but modify them in a healthy way in order to lower your cholesterol level.

Serve smaller portions of meat dishes and emphasize pasta, vegetables, cholesterol-free foods and low-fat diets. In addition, lower your intake of high cholesterol foods such as fatty meat, liver, and eggs.
(4) Exercise Regularly - One of the most effective ways to lose and control weight is by exercising regularly. Regular exercise will not only help you lose and control your weight but will also help increase your HDL cholesterol level - a type of cholesterol that helps prevent cholesterol buildup in your arteries.
You don't need a professionally designed exercise program to lose and control your weight. A simple brisk fitness walking or jogging of 10-30 minutes per day will do the trick. You simply have to be consistent in your workouts.

Finally, you can lower your cholesterol level by losing and controlling your weight, eating healthy foods such as dietary fibers, lowering your fat and cholesterol intake, and exercising your body on a consistent basis.
Saeed Sikiru writes regularly about fitness and wellness. And he is very passionate about writing.
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