Monday, November 28, 2011

Tips for makeup removal

Women are always so excited to look fabulous. We will always try to be perfect for these plants, tricks and cuts. But everyone can try these tools to create the illusion of perfection. The easiest way to enhance the beauty of makeup. But the make-up can be harmful to your skin if you keep it on your face all night. Healthy skin, proper cleaning is much more important for the make-up. He has also shown that many women are in a bad way to use the trick obsolete. So it is very important to use a lot of makeup.

How to remove:

See why we should remove the makeup.

As we all know, the makeup has harmful chemicals, these chemicals can cause eye infections like conjunctivitis, irritation, vision, etc. Additionally, incorrect eye mascara and eyeliner can cause loss of eyelashes. Cleaning the eyes is essential to better eye health.

If you do not completely remove the makeup, can cause pimples and acne. Make-up clogs the pores of the skin that makes your skin can breathe better. These clogged pores to cause infections such as pimples, blacks, etc.

Start cleaning makeup from your eyes. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. Place the filter is a cotton ball. Remove the color eye with a cotton ball. There are up removing many are available on the market, you can buy. Olive oil is also best to remove eye makeup especially mascara.

If you like the lipstick on the lips at night, can cause discoloration of the lip. Wrinkles can easily invade your skin if you do not remove makeup properly. Here are some tips for removing makeup, it is necessary to maintain healthy skin, and can also enjoy the beauty of makeup.

Put some olive oil on a cotton pad gently wipe your eyelashes. Olive oil not only helps to remove the mascara, but also nourish your eyelashes. To remove lipstick, Vaseline is the best. Apply on the lips and erase. Now apply the milk cleanser, gently massage for 10 to 15 seconds, and then take a cotton ball and rub gently. Also available, per-moistened cleaning tissues are available in the market, can be used to remove makeup.

Then rinse with warm water on your face. Apply a small amount of gentle face wash. You can also steam your face to open pores. Then apply facial toner with a cotton swab. When you have finished your toner, apply a moisturizer or night cream for your face. Now, after cleansing your face is ready to take advantage of deep sleep.


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