Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tips for make brown eyes pop up

It can be difficult to choose the right combination of colors, while the eye makeup. Different color combinations are the eyes of different colors. Some visors set the color of beautiful eyes. Brown eyes are one of the most common eye color  and there are some nuances that works perfectly for them. These protective eye wear will not only make brown eyes pop-up, but also make the skin tone look better.

This can be a great combination of evening make-up.
Gray-black and red are the colors of everyday wear. Taupe is barely visible, but it has features to improve the eyelids. Sweet brown eyes and blacks together perfectly without the hardcore blacks. Mallard is a combination of gold and, if you really want to see brown eyes. Pigmented dark green tint and golden combination works really well with brown eyes. Green works the same way as coal and purple, the contrast of cool sounds.

Carbon and mauve is one of the combinations, which is a soft brown eyes and makes a welcoming and warm. It offers a contrast of color without the heavy, cool shades shades also perfect. Carbon black and old gold is once again, a combination that gives you a glamorous look without overdoing it. Blackest improves skin tone and gold is perfect for any skin color, it will also improve tired eyes.

When you use these combinations to use a thick coating dark black pencil. If you wear make-up of the day trying to brown pencil eye liner shadow that goes brown eyes that will enhance your eye color. These eye colors are the best brown eyes and make them pop up. These eye shades to enhance your skin tone. Another suggestion to improve brown eyes are colored the same shade of color as your eyes, it works really well.


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