Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some former beauty tips and useful for eliminating dark circles under the eyes :

No matter how perfect the eyes, lips and face, if you have dark circles under the eyes that only removes the charm of beauty. Dark circles under the eyes of those who are so bored, depressed and elderly. Therefore, it must get rid of dark circles under the eyes. Here are some helpful tips and simply remove the dark circles under the eyes of age.

Dark circles are killers of beauty. No matter how attractive you are, but the dark circles under the eyes, you portray them as boring, stressful, and tension headaches lady Laden. So get rid of them as quickly as possible. To get rid of dark circles under the eyes should follow the advice of beauty to enjoy more of
your beauty, your youth. So here we go:

Take the cucumber and squeeze the juice still get hours dip cotton balls in it, and put them in the eye. Need to relax for 15 minutes. Check out this Beauty Tip If you are in a hurry.

The beauty tip for the second paste will also remove the dark circles. Just take a teaspoon of turmeric powder and ground gram, and lemon juice. Mix these ingredients and put it on dark circles. After half an hour to remove with cotton wool.

Beauty Tip of the most valuable and useful to eliminate dark circles reported to soak the almonds overnight and morning, a smile or make a paste. Now put a few drops of lemon juice in it. Its mass is ready to implement all the weeks in the dark circles under your eyes and you will experience a noticeable change.

The last and easiest to apply beauty tip is to make the paste of mint leaves to remove dark circles under the eyes. Mint leaves not only removes dark circles, but it will also give a cooling effect on the eyes too.

Finally, after applying all these beauty tips to get rid of dark circles, you need to know the reasons for these terrible dark circles. Of course, if you know the reason you will be able to quickly eliminate dark circles, such as stress, lack of sleep, tension and humor are the basic reasons for dark circles. Avoid these murderers of beauty and a beautiful face of a good life.


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