Friday, November 18, 2011

Morning Banana Diet :

The morning banana diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Unlike many other different systems, this system is very simple and without much hassle. If you lead a very active life, or just do not want to spend too much time in the gym, the bunch of bananas is a great way to get rid of excess pounds. Below we will reveal the secrets of the power of banana morning.

This plan appeared in Japan about 4 years ago. Its creators, Hitoshi Watanabe and his wife even had no idea what banana supply system will be so popular.

What can you eat during the diet?

Eat bananas till 4 in the morning and drink a glass of water (room temperature). Containing starch, which helps burn fat. They also help the body absorb calcium, a nutrient that promotes weight loss. And finally, bananas contain vitamin C, which helps the body absorb fatty acids and fiber that contribute to a feeling of satiety. At lunch and dinner you can enjoy your usual daily menu.

The secret of this system is included in the banana - is in trace elements, which normalize and stimulate the stomach and intestines. That's why you should eat bananas in the morning. The action of the enzymes continue throughout the day.

Morning Banana Diet Rules:

The food is very simple. There are a few rules:

1. Do not eat sweets. If you feel a little hungry, can eat a small piece of fruit. The Last Supper is convenient to do so within 20 hours

2. Drink only water. Studies have shown that two glasses of water to a metabolic rate by 30 percent. In addition, the rejection of all other beverages consumption is reduced by hundreds of calories a day. The creator of this diet is recommended to drink water throughout the day at room temperature.

Third Try going to bed before midnight. Studies have shown that people who sleep six hours a day or less, are more likely to gain weight. You need to sleep eight hours.

4. They eat only fresh bananas.

Start trying to sit on this diet up to 70-10 days. If all goes well with health - you can continue on this diet.

The bunch of bananas in the morning stimulates the production of good eating habits and discipline in nutrition. Because bananas, your body will not be a loss of vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, potassium, iron.


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