Thursday, November 17, 2011

Metabolism and weight :

 When the KB, the metabolism - the hot topic of discussion. Metabolism - a measure of how your body burns calories. It consists of three parts. Weight depends on the balance between calories consumed compared to calories burned. Enjoy more calories than your body needs, and you gain weight. Take less and lose weight. Metabolism is the engine so that it burns calories, and is a scale, which regulates the energy demand.

Metabolic rate for all different people.

There are two types of metabolism, continually arise in the body:

Anabolic first - the generation of organic substances. This process is the unification process, which creates a more complex organic compounds from a number of simple absorbing more energy in the body.
2. Catabolism - the process of decomposition of organic substances and release energy, and decomposition.

Metabolism is a very complex process that convert biochemical energy and organic chemicals, to take the form of food energy in the body. The first division of naturally occurring proteins, carbohydrates and fats. When amino acids are synthesized, which in turn are divided into the distribution of energy.

What you really need to do to make your metabolism work well? And what exactly is behind the concept of food processing?

What are the calories you burn and how

Calories are a kind of fuel for our bodies, like gasoline for your car. Calories are the energy source through which you made your heart rate, breathing. This is something that should be the body to perform vital physiological functions.

7000 calories each, used in the future, a kilo of fat. To get rid of it, is necessary to induce a calorie deficit. You can do this in two ways - or eating less calories than you spend the day, or burn more calories than you eat. Once off 7,000 calories of your savings program account balance has lost a kilo in weight.

Exercise and weight
The rest of the state by far the body requires a certain amount of income outside of nutrients, which should cover the energy processes related to the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and even sleep. Physical activity is also energy-dependent process, and therefore can not "burn" calories from food. Consequently, the fat can not delay "in reserve". The number of calories consumed and the severity of exercise - there are two scales, the mass of the body. If the expenditure of caloric energy than the right to food - is weight gain. If the situation is the opposite - he lost weight. And only if the balance of incoming calories and calories in the diet - the weight remained stable. Because plenty of people to consume high-calorie foods and physical activity must be adequate. Of course, every individual has the right to decide for themselves, for his active lifestyle or not.

What is the best exercise?

Doctors believe that maintaining good health and physical fitness sufficient for 20-30 minutes of active physical exercises that improve the flow of oxygen to the body, at least three times a week, and the exercise strengthens the muscles at least 2 times a week. If for some reason impossible, to maintain health on a daily basis for just 30 minutes of moderate to severe physical activity for at least 5 days a week. In cases where the patient had in mind the different causes of low physical activity, should be increased gradually. Before it is desirable to a medical consultation. It 'cost to start walking, or swimming in a comfortable environment.

But always keep in mind: Any physical activity is better its absence.


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