Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to say no to drugs and alcohol :

Addiction has become a serious problem in the global society. The effects of the drug not only be harmful to the addict, but his entire family and circle of friends. Like the rest of the world, drug abuse  has become one of the biggest problems in society, particularly for adolescents. To get rid of addiction, the most important step is to be strong enough to say no to drugs. In most cases addiction happens because of bad company. Always remember that people with the drug is most likely on drugs.

Despite all the negative social factors, we can say no to drugs drugs following simple prevention tips.

Strengthen family ties:

Drug addiction  has become one of the stakes, which can be treated with strong family ties. Strengthening ties and proximity to family is one of the best tips to prevent drug use. With love and family support, I would be able to think of other things like achievements and activities of daily living that are more rewarding and enjoyable as addiction to drugs.

Get ready:

Being a teenager or a sociable person, you should be prepared for occasions in which foreigners can provide medication for you. Whether you're just around the corner or addiction to drugs of world upper class can be sent anywhere. A tip for the prevention of drugs is doing well prepared to reject the offer and tell the person you choose to decline their offer. Always remember that a moment of weakness can put you on the path of addiction to dangerous drugs.


It is important that you realize that drug addiction can cause devastating effects on their lives. The effects of drug addiction may include imprisonment, homelessness, serious medical problems, social embarrassment and even death. Before you get yourself drawn to drug addiction, the positive opportunities and better than you have in your life where you can pursue personal and professional success

Share your feelings:

Always try to share your emotions and difficult situations around you with a few close friends and family who you can trust. Sharing your feelings will help in the fight against drug addiction, and you will be able to firmly say no to drugs.


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