Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to Measure your BMR?:

Obesity is a stroll, people are increasingly looking for natural ways to lose weight and achieve optimal health. This article presents some of the things you can do, or have more to lose more weight in less time.

Get More Green Tea

To remove your soda, and a substitute for coffee and green tea. Green tea extract key role in the regulation of body composition and metabolism. They
accelerate the burning of calories. Caffeine is also found in green tea interact with flavoring and changes in use of the body to increase metabolism of nor epinephrine.

Having more vegetable juice

Daily glass of vegetable juice speed weight loss. It reduces appetite and carbohydrate intake, while providing with vitamin C, potassium, and energy. It also improves the immune system, supports brain function and reduces cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, kidney stones, and heart attack. Eating more fresh vegetable juice helps to cleanse the body, rejuvenates the body's organs so that they can make and metabolize food faster.

If you want to lose more weight, drink more than one drink per day. Start your day with a mixture of vegetable juice. Consider a mixture of apple juice or beet juice, carrot. Beets contain small parts, which will help flush toxins from the body. This mixture gives your body of important vitamins and minerals needed throughout the day. There is another glass of vegetable juice before meals, and easily absorbed, and a smaller amount of food. Before the workout, you can also try the beet juice. Increase fitness - you can exercise longer and burn more calories. Choose raw vegetables and do your own juicing. Avoid bottled vegetable juices because most of these may have already lost valuable trace elements and the heat of pasteurization.

Have more sleep

So you are getting plenty of exercise and a healthy diet, you can also consider getting a good sleep every night. Lack of sleep negative implications for weight control. The hormones lepton and grehlin stimulate hunger and satiety. Achieved in the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates appetite grehlin. Produced in fat cells, leptin signals the brain when full. When you do not get enough sleep, the fall in leptin levels, which means they do not feel as satisfied after eating. Lack of sleep also increases levels grehlin you want to make more food.

Your hormone production is based on the pace set by the body clock. Your biological clock is responsible for waking up in the morning and to sleep at night. If you lack sleep or a meal at a time when your body clock expects you to sleep, you are sending mixed signals to the body. This confuses their internal system, causing an imbalance.

And 'your hormones that make you fat burning machine. At rest, the body has the ability to burn fat and prevent fat storage, if hormones act on them at the appropriate level. Improves the metabolism of the appropriate sleep, diet and exercise that will help your weight loss.

Not only lack of sleep affects your weight control, it is also associated with a number of other health risks potentially serious such as depression, poor immune system, and high blood sugar.

Listen to your body. If you still feel lethargic and groggy when the alarm goes off, you're probably not getting enough sleep. Make sure the watch at least 8 1 / 2 hours each night.


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