Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to Look Pretty you in Uniform :

Adolescence(Teenage) is the age that the girl realizes her looks and styles. The teenagers in your home in search of themselves, their clothing, skin and hair very consciously. Girls become more aware of their teams and styles. In search of all the new clothes, hairstyles and makeup are favorite leisure activities of a teenager.

However, this is a teenager, it is always advisable to keep your style simple and relaxed. Warm clothes, jewelry and makeup too big make you look older than your age. There are some rules of thumb that you should follow the look fresh and elegant.

Keeping your teeth clean:

Always brush your teeth after every meal. This will clean the cavity and everyone will dig the particles remaining in the mouth.

Use a gentle washing of the face:

Always use a gentle face wash to wash the face. Avoid using
soap as it dries the skin. Use a mild soap the night to clean skin deep. And do not forget to apply a little moisturizer after cleaning.

Take care of your hair:

Take care of your hair properly. Have a good haircut and try different hairstyles. Play with your hair and see what works best for you. Apply oil to your hair every two weeks to keep them healthy and shiny. Avoid using too many styling products as they dry out and affect the hair texture and health.

Grow your hair:

Do not wax the arms, armpits and legs as often as necessary. Shaving is another option, but that could increase the growth of your hair as well. Waxing makes the hair takes a little longer to grow back.

Use a gentle shower gel:

The skin on the body is as important as your hands and face. Use a gentle body wash with a sponge in the shower and apply lotion all over his body afterwards.

Choose dress properly:

When it comes to choosing the dress, try to always choose what's right for you depending on the height and shape. Choose a color and style that complements your personality. Do not just blindly follow fashion, but try to maintain a balance between your personality and fashion.

Use equipment with care:

Add accessories to suit the occasion. Use the accessories that go with your outfit, but do not suppress. Use as little as possible make-up, or makes you look older.

Try a variety of clothing and style:

Try different hairstyles and dresses and play with them. It makes you more aware of what is best for you and fits your style.

Keep a smile on your face:

Last but not least, keep a smile on your face. It will always make a good impression of you before the others and you will feel good too. Teenage is a very exciting time in your life, so enjoy it fully.


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