Thursday, November 10, 2011

General causes of dark circles;

For a fresh and wrinkle-free skin is the dream of almost everyone, and many did. However, the skin smooth, clear and has no value if accompanied by dark circles, so if you are also looking for a great smile, do not mind the dark circles and skin care. There could be many causes of dark circles, but some of them are explained below. Knowing the causes can help to achieve better health: The following is the most common:

• Stress is not good for health at all, but especially for the eyes. High levels of stress lead to poor sleep habits that continues to cause dark circles.

• As mentioned above, sleep patterns, lack of sleep and rest causes dark circles. Poor sleep can also be a consequence of lifestyle.

• Lack of fresh air and light exercise can also lead to fewer problems in the eyes.

• Hereditary factors also play a role in the appearance of dark circles, pigmentation genetic predisposition such, etc.

• puffy eyes are caused by excessive salt intake can lead to fluid retention.

• Poor diet, especially too much fat intake and alcohol abuse can lead directly to puffy eyes.

• The position of the lack of sleep can also cause eye problems inflated.


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