Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fitness for pregnant :

Fitness for pregnant women is a technique for improving health, including a specially selected set of exercises. It allows you to save and improve the health, emotional balance, but also physically prepare the body for childbirth, women and motherhood.

Pregnancy and childbirth - an important phase in life for every woman. And you can talk a lot about how he is good, nice and comfortable.

One of the highlights of a successful pregnancy is a state of physical health of mothers. Why wait when the figure is in poor condition even before pregnancy?

 Before you start training, you must remember a few simple but important:

1 - The intensity of exercise should be moderate.

2 - The choice of exercise should be approached very seriously, pregnant women, banned sharp movements.

3 - Training is a regular.

4 - During the year should drink non-carbonated water.

5 - Exercise increases the body temperature. During training, the temperature must not exceed 38 degrees.

Now consider the specific types of aerobic exercises are recommended for pregnant women:

Fitball - aerobics on a large ball which can be useful during pregnancy. The greatest asset - the ability to unload the spine and get rid of back pain.

Walking. This is a very useful form of vacation and a particular type of sport, which makes the work more muscle groups simultaneously. But! Do not walk too long: the security zone - 15 to 45 minutes.


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