Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to apply blush on your face after cutting?

The beauty has no season. Being a woman, you should look oh-so-wonderful place to come every day. The cheeks are marked below a window to your personality and can be an essential beauty tip, no matter what your face cut.

Here are some tips for beautiful makeup for cheeks, which are then even if the cut of the face:

First, the tip of the beauty of the basis is to use a smooth layer of foundation base and allow it to blend with the skin so that it looks as the original tone.

Then select the color that best suits your cheeks. Blush is a suggestion is to find a color that matches your cheeks when they are washed after exercise or out in the cold.

Another important tip trick is to enhance the formula, where the dust is best for oily skin, liquid or cream and is suitable for the dry. For best results, can be used as a combination of both.

To have done any other makeup, such as eyes, lips and hair, so you have a clear vision of how you look and be able to determine how to make a flush. This is the second beauty tip.

Then locate the cheek bone, a smile in the mirror to find the apple of your face with redness is applied.

To blush is a bit, put a blush brush and tap off any excess. Then gently rub it on Apple, smudging and very much to add to the mixture.

After the evening of your cheek, you must repeat the steps above the beauty of your other cheek. The makeup tips to look is to examine the sex of your cheeks at the end.

Another tip is to get a particular beauty just below the nose, chin and center of his forehead. This will give you a sun-kissed look.

Movement, such as tips blush for your face shape, you can do once you confirm the following section:

Round face

You should avoid applying blush right on the apples, which is usually what a round face has more. Sweep gently on the block in the lower back on the cheekbone to the hairline, gently contoured. This is an important beauty tip. To add an illusion of length, must also apply a little blush on the chin and mix well.

Square face

Simple makeup trick is to apply blush in the center of the eyes in a circular fashion. Plus, for advice makeup, add a little mix to your chin and forehead in the middle. This will help give a soft edge of your face.

Rectangular Face

Here blush on your cheekbones below the outer corners of eyes and mix well. Beauty tip is to ensure that the redness does not cover smaller than the tip of your nose.

Oval face

This ideal cutting face, blushing at the tip is to apply and blend towards the temples. Bring your cheekbones.

Triangular face

It is necessary to apply blush on the sides of his cheeks. Mixing of the cheekbones to his temple and then extend the brows blush a little. This beauty tip to help balance the width of your face with the rest of his face.


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